⚡️ New release: Workflow automation

We are excited to introduce our automation system to; we streamline your end-to-end workflow. Operations matter a lot to your agency business, and we know how painful it is to manage them manually.

The more jobs are automated, the more projects you will run with less, resulting in more profits! 💸💸💸

This is why Yess’ automation exists. Let’s see how it works.

Start with templates

Don’t spend time or effort starting from scratch. You can leverage templates for standard and popular workflows. We even support the integration with Slack and Google Calendar. More templates are coming!

Easy to build

Automation should be this easy and follow your natural language. You can easily add or edit actions and set the sequence with drag-and-drop actions.

Easy to customize

Multiple types of blocks, including action, integration, condition, and delay, already exist to help you manage your various workflows flexibly. Here are some actions you can automate:

  • Create invoices
  • Send emails
  • Create project deliverables
  • Create project milestones
  • Create Google Calendar events
  • Send notifications to Slack
  • Add client information to CRM

Frictionless data integration

Yess is one source of all your operations and data, enabling powerful workflow automation without friction. You don’t have to hire an operations manager to integrate all the tools and data and manage their workings—just Yess is enough!

Automation is the backbone of your business operation, and it will be more powerful with our upcoming AI features. Please stay tuned! 💙

Yess Team

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