Daily Productivity Tips for Agency Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur and CEO, my main job is making so many difficult decisions. Over the years, I've developed a simple yet effective framework to ensure I make the most of each day.

1. Clarify

Start by removing ambiguity. Clearly define problems, goals, variables, situations, or whatever matters to you now. Many mistakes happen when you don't know exactly what you decide. Don't rush into solutions too early.

✅ Tip: Write a list. Taking one step away from reality ironically helps you figure out the reality.

2. Prioritize

Identify tasks according to two criteria: importance and urgency. Not all jobs are created equal. Focus on what will have the biggest impact on your goals and use numbers or data to evaluate.

✅ Tip: Limit the number of tasks. This strict rule helps you give up overrated things.

3. Decide

Focus on making decisions literally. We are often satisfied by the hours or efforts we put in, brilliant ideas, and potential solutions, not by the result. Without decisions, there's no action.

✅ Tip: Define when to reverse your decision, which will reduce your pressure to finalize the right answer. Your decision is not perfect and is not the end but the start.

Focus on your main job

Most importantly, this framework should work backward. Actually, there is step 0: starting a day with a list of what you should decide today.

If you are an owner, CEO, leader, or even ambitious professional, your job is to make decisions. Rather than making a to-do list, make your to-decide list.

This simple framework helps you cut through the noise and focus on what truly matters. You can also apply this to problem-solving. I hope this information will be helpful for your day-to-day operations and big decisions.

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